Author Michael Cunningham

And the winner of the inaugural hatchet-job award is...novelist and critic Adam Mars-Jones who clinched the title with his scathing review of Michael Cunningham’s By Nightfall.

Digital Book World puts Random House at the top of its list of “best publishing companies to work for,” but also includes a “sample negative employee review” for each firm surveyed. For example, according to a disgruntled worker at second-place John Wiley & Sons, “You get the impression that the company is run by automatons.”

The Millions judges UK vs. US books by their covers.

Following Felix Salmon’s complaints about the new New York Observer, editor-in-chief Elizabeth Spiers reports that the salmon-tinted publication has hit numerous milestones in the past year, including profitability (for the first time ever) and increased web traffic.

Today in bookstore porn: Flavorwire rounds up the twenty most beautiful bookstores around the world.

Tonight, Granta’s new issue, “Exit Strategies,” will be feted at 192 Books.