Heidi Julavits

Amanda Knox, the 24-year-old Seattle native who spent four years imprisoned in Italy for allegedly killing her British roommate while studying abroad (she was eventually acquitted), has signed a $4 million deal with HarperCollins to write a tell-all about her experience.

Heidi Julavits and Catherine Lacey are two of the first contributors to Two Serious Ladies, the new online magazine that alludes to the Jane Bowles classic and “promote[s] writing by women.

George Murray has officially closed Ninjabook, one of the earliest and most-read literary blogs.

“With the prayers over, the men hoisted Daif's coffin over their heads. They left through the mosque's gray, steel gates and ventured into the desolate, dirt streets awash in trash. Some were barefoot and others wore sandals.” Read the Washington Post Iraq War dispatch that won Anthony Shadid a Pulitzer Prize.

Before she left for Europe in 1921, Djuna Barnes spent seven years living in New York working as an illustrator for Vanity Fair and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Work from the Nightwood author’s early career is on display now at the Brooklyn Museum, where an exhibit featuring Barnes’s drawings and journalism will be up until August.

A 24-hour news cycle demands a new kind of publisher—the kind that can turn a book around fast. The Guardian profiles indie Zer0 Books, a three-year-old house that specializes in music criticism, philosophy, political and film theory, as well as rapid responses to current events.