Matt Gineo, winner of the 2011 Hemingway lookalike competition.

Dave Eggers has announced his latest novelA Hologram for the King, which will be released on June 28—in an interview with fellow writer Stephen Elliott.

When he’s not encouraging kids to skip college, Paypal cofounder Peter Thiel has been channeling his energy and resources into an initiative he calls the Seasteading Institute, dedicated to constructing “floating cities” in international zones. Thiel’s latest plan to build one of these libertarian utopias in Honduras was recently ensnared in red tape, but according to a colleague, even though the city doesn't exist yet, you can still read about it: “We have a seasteading book contract with Simon & Schuster,” Patri Friedman told The Observer. “We got a nice advance, and so that’s coming out next year.”

A Book Expo panel on self-publishing revealed that 211,269 books were self-published last year, up from 133,036 the year before. An exec for self-publishing service Bowker also noted that while fiction is the most booming genre for writers, non-fiction books sell the best.

At The Believer, poets Rachel Zucker, Matthew Rohrer, and Wayne Koestenbaum chat about poetry and domesticity. (Bonus: The magazine has posted a list of Zucker’s most recent internet search terms, which are oddly poetic.)

Philip Roth’s novel American Pastoral will be adapted into a movie, and Fisher Stevens has been tapped to direct it.

Amazon has recently spent $52 million installing air-conditioning systems in warehouses across the country, following the Morning Call newspaper's investigative report on working conditions at the company’s Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, warehouse.

There are only two weeks left to enter the thirty-second annual Hemingway lookalike contest, sponsored by Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West. Here’s a gallery of past winners.