There are rumors that Newsweek is about to abandon its print version and exist entirely online.

The trailer for the film adaptation of David Mitchell’s novel Cloud Atlas leaked online yesterday, and though Warner Bros. asked most blogs to take it down, critics are already weighing in. “If you've ever wanted to see [Tom] Hanks as a goateed, balding London gangster, or [Hugh] Grant as a warpainted cannibal, the chance has finally arrived,” IndieWire remarked. The film is directed by Tom Twyker, of Run Lola Run fame, and the Wachovski brothers. It will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on October 26. Aside from Omer Fast’s take on Tom McCarthy’s Remainder, we can’t think of an adaptation we’re more excited about.

Never mind Fifty Shades of Gray: How embarrassing it is to get caught reading smutty Henry Miller books on the subway?

Starting this fall, literary magazine Granta will be available in Chinese.

If you missed the essay by one of Joshua Ferris’s former MFA classmates (and self-described “nemesis”) that complained about Ferris’s successes and the essayist’s lack thereof, you can now read it here, or just read Foster Kamer’s takedown of it at The Observer.

A new issue of Lapham’s Quarterly is out, and available for free online.

This is awesome: The Atlantic Wire’s Jen Doll pays a visit to R.L. Stine on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Goosebumps’ launch. Relatedly, if you don’t already subscribe to R.L. Stine’s Twitter feed, you probably should.