Just a day after Penguin Press announced that it would publish an account of the Osama bin Laden raid by an anonymous Navy SEAL, FOX News revealed the author’s identity. According to FOX, the author of No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden (coming out on Sept. 11, of course) is Matt Bissonnette, a thirty-six-year-old retired SEAL who lives in Alaska.

The BBC is adapting Benjamin Black’s—i.e John Banville’s—detective novels into a three-part series of ninety-minute episodes. The episodes will star actor Gabriel Byrne as the protagonist, a detective named Quirke.

The managers of the band Fleet Foxes are starting their own literary journal, which is set to launch this September. The first issue of Unified Field Collective will be about the theme of “transition”, and best of all, will come with a ten-inch vinyl disc that includes rare recordings of Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Fleet Foxes members, and others.

The Financial Times begins their profile of Ian McEwan with one of the better disclaimers we’ve read in a while: “The previous time novelist Ian McEwan was interviewed by a journalist from the FT for a profile, something unexpected happened. Reader, he married her.”

Is Fifty Shades of Gray better in Korean? Some people think so—but only because the dirty parts are lost in translation.

Emma Straub’s second novel, The Good Face, has been announced. The book is due out with Riverhead in 2013.

Ann Friedman’s #realtalk advice column for young journalists over at the Columbia Journalism Review is definitely worth checking out, and not just for the animated jpegs: The current edition is on deciding when or whether to sell out.