David Pilling reports on the rise of a new generation of Japanese — wanting to think for themselves but struggling for independence. Thitinan Pongsudhirak on calming the Asia-Pacific. Ethnic Chinese at last see a new future opening up in Indonesia. Multibillionaire loses his fortune: Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei has a taste for fast cars, beautiful women, and the ostentatious spending of vast wealth that may not have been his own. Where nationalism still matters: Guy Sorman on how Asia’s simmering political tensions defy conventional wisdom. North Koreans in South Korea: Sonia Ryang is in search of their humanity. The violence against minorities in Indonesia has reached new, terrible heights; while Islamist hardliners target Christians and supporters of the Islamic Ahmadiyya, the state turns a blind eye. The myth about Singapore is that economic growth can take place in an authoritarian state unhindered. Nationalism makes a comeback: Ethan Epstein on Japan’s new islands. Tensions in the South China Sea are ratcheting up. What’s behind North Korea’s strange architecture? When the chips are down: U.S. casinos discover Macau's murky side.