From Hazlitt, Michael Takasaki interviews Calvin Trillin, the man who — among many other things — casts the U.S. presidential campaign in iambic pentameter. Martin Cohen on five myths about political conventions. Molly Redden on the six strangest items in the GOP party platform. Do party platforms even matter? Much of the political science research suggests not. A look at five areas that the campaigns muddled, ignored, or failed to think big about. What’s wrong with the Republican Party? Kathleen Parker on how GOP men are ruining the party. Jonathan Chait on Team Romney white-vote push: “This is the last time anyone will try to do this” (and more; and more by Thomas Edsall). We'd like to believe race isn't playing a part in the 2012 election, but that's just not true. How to Speak Republican: Leaked document reveals the secrets of the GOP's coded language. What does Catholic Social Teaching have to do with the presidential race? Meet Page Gardner, the woman signing up Democratic voters more efficiently and effectively than ACORN ever did. While campaigns trumpet their VP picks, voters get little insight into who might staff a president-to-be's cabinet — and help set administration policy.