Samuel Arnold (TCU): Right-wing Rawlsianism: A Critique. Jacob T. Levy (McGill): Contra Politanism: Against the Teleology of Political Forms. Arash Abizadeh (McGill): On the Demos and its Kin: Nationalism, Democracy, and the Boundary Problem. Benjamin Barber (CUNY): Liberal Values in the Age of Interdependence. Carol Atack (Cambridge): How to Be a Good King in Athens: Manipulating Monarchy in the Democratic Political Imaginary. Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman (Michigan): The Challenge of Aristocratic Radicalism. Simon Tormey (Sydney): Representation: An Exhausted Paradigm? Frank I. Michelman (Harvard): Poverty in Liberalism: A Comment on the Constitutional Essentials. The introduction to The Making of Modern Liberalism by Alan Ryan. What are constitutions for? Everything promised by a democratic constitutional convention is at odds with what a constitution actually does. A review of Truth and Democracy. Democracy is a bitter pill to swallow; but what, then, is the alternative? A review of Defending Politics: Why Democracy Matters in the Twenty-First Century by Matthew Flinders. Does oxytocin solve the Adam Smith problem? Larry Arnhart investigates.