Jennifer Y. Chudy, Joshua Shipper, and Spencer Piston (Michigan): The Power and Limits of White Compassion for Blacks in U.S. Politics. Reginald Leamon Robinson (Howard): Dark Secrets: Obedience Training, Rigid Physical Violence, Black Parenting, and Reassessing the Origins of Instability in the Black Family Through a Re-Reading of Fox Butterfield's All God's Children. Allen Rostron (Missouri): Affirmative Action, Justice Kennedy, and the Virtues of the Middle Ground. Telling stories about Rosa Parks: Michael Schudson on what we know about the civil rights pioneer — and why we’re often wrong about her. Meet the people who gave birth to hipsterism — hint: They aren't white kids from Williamsburg. Black Jews gain wider acceptance: Gaps between African-American and mainstream groups narrow. Fear of a Black President: For the past four years, Barack Obama has avoided nearly all mention of race — revealing the false promise and double standard of integration. The racial divide on sneakers: What the history of footwear reveals about a cultural divide — and the way shoe companies market to young black men. Who's afraid of being post-black in black America? Some black public figures are promoting a conflicted agenda.