Alan Finlayson (East Anglia): Rhetoric and the Political Theory of Ideologies. Jonathan Haidt (Virginia) et al: Liberals Think More Analytically (More “Weird”) than Conservatives. From The Weekly Standard, the new phrenology: Andrew Ferguson on how liberal psychopundits understand the conservative brain. John Gray on the trouble with freedom: When a tyrant is toppled, we can't know what will come next. From the forthcoming Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Political Thought, here is the entry on “Ideology” by Fred Eidlin. Steve Fuller on the future of ideological conflict. How will the future change your politics? Whatever your values are, there is a chance that you may soon be arguing for the opposite of your usual policies. The psychology of truthiness: New research finds our moral convictions strongly influence what facts we choose to believe regarding a given issue. Sheldon Richman on individualism, collectivism, and other murky labels. From The Jury Room, politics and prejudice? Nope — it’s about ideology. A review of The Power of Ideology: From the Roman Empire to Al-Qaeda by Alex Roberto Hybel.