A new issue of Grounded Theory Review is out. Philipp Genschel (JUB) and Thomas Rixen (Bamberg): The International Tax Regime: Historical Evolution and Political Change. Danny Postel on Iran, the Left and the Non-Aligned Movement: A guide for the perplexed. If you went outside and lay down on your back with your mouth open, how long would you have to wait until a bird pooped in it? Cato Shrugged: John Allison, the new president of the Cato Institute, wants to remake the think tank in Ayn Rand’s image. Could Mitt Romney become the first unbaptized, unmarried, non-Christian POTUS? From Big Think’s new blog “E pur si muove”, Satoshi Kanazawa on the return of the ugly, racist pseudoscientist with a small penis. Gilbert King on Hayes vs. Tilden, the ugliest, most contentious presidential election ever. A review of The Black Hole of Empire: History of a Global Practice of Power by Partha Chatterjee. Mike Konczal on monetary policy explained with animated gifs. From Less Wrong, Scott Alexander Siskind on the worst argument in the world; and Stuart Armstrong on AI timeline predictions: are we getting better? Frank Graham Jr. reviews What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses by Daniel Chamovitz.