A review of The Music Between Us: Is Music a Universal Language? by Kathleen Marie Higgins. Why do Quebecers adore Iron Maiden, one of hard rock’s most quintessentially British bands? Lindsay Zoladz on how delving into the history and holdings of music libraries is to greatly complicate one’s understanding of the term selling out. Colin McGuire writes in defense of Jay-Z as the most important person in hip-hop history. Musings on music: Why are there no popular political songs? “Call Me Maybe” is a powerful example of the fact that hits no longer have to come from the music industry. Is country music conservative? Jordan Bloom wonders. There's a new breed of high roller on the Strip: electronic-dance-music DJs who are showered with access to private jets, lavish suites, and unprecedented paydays — is this the beginning of a great ride or the end of the road? James Guida on books by rappers. Wikipedia for the Weird: Lindsey Weber on a list of music considered the worst. Lindy West on what the albums in your dorm room say about you. Our favorite jams are as melancholy as ever; can Katy Perry be more wrenching than Radiohead?