Laura Elizabeth Armey (DRMI) and Robert Martin McNab (NPS): Democratization and Civil War. From the new magazine Aeon, Will Wiles on the machine gaze: As the boundaries between digital and physical dissolve, can the New Aesthetic help us see things more clearly?; and Marek Kohn on the thousand-year stare: We can build structures that last for centuries, but can we connect with our distant descendants? Meme me: Jessica Roy on how Funny or Die convinces celebs to make fun of themselves. From TLS, a review essay by Gabriel Josipovici on why we don’t understand Kafka. Turn Your Radio On: Former director of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Jeffrey Gedmin assesses what's right and what's wrong with U.S. broadcasting policy. The introduction to Moving Data: The iPhone and the Future of Media. From Information Dissemination, Bryan McGrath on libertarians and national defense. Mired in presidential intrigue: The Maldives is caught in political uncertainty as rival politicians set their eyes on elections amid rising tensions. Thomas B. Edsall on the Ryan sinkhole. Steve Gimbel on why the great (Lance Armstrong and Harvard students) cheat.