A new issue of Digital Culture and Education is out. Kay Mathiesen (Arizona): Yes, Vinton, There is a Human Right to the Internet. Laurence Reynolds and Bronislaw Szerszynski (Lancaster): Neoliberalism and Technology: Perpetual Innovation or Perpetual Crisis? Generation Smartphone: The smartphone’s role as constant companion, helper, coach, and guardian has only just begun. Long-time Apple fanboy Thomas L. Knapp on why Apple is rotten to the core. Alexandria 2.0: Matt Simon on Brewster Kahle’s quest to build the biggest library on Earth. What is the future of computers? Natalie Wolchover investigates. From NYRB, are hackers heroes? A review essay by Sue Halpern. The internet is sapping the world’s energy, so let’s improve it. How Google builds its maps and what it means for the future of everything: Alexis Madrigal on a look inside Ground Truth, the secretive program to build the world's best accurate maps. From Wired’s Gadget Lab blog, Mat Honan profiles Cosmo, the hacker “god” who fell to earth. Steven Vherry on the computer that beat two million humans at fantasy football: An AI program is already in the 99th percentile — now can it win?