Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann (Wilfrid Laurier): Reconsidering the Right to Own Property. Politicians love to talk about family — but maybe not yours. Mike Dash on the demonization of Empress Wu. From ProPublica, Kim Barker on how nonprofits spend millions on elections and call it public welfare. From Practical Ethics, Ole Martin Moen on why you shouldn’t give money to beggars. Ryan Shrugged: Chris Lehmann on how Paul Ryan has never “built” a thing in his life — except for constructing a career out of a long series of disingenuous arguments to cut federal entitlements. Power to the reader: Alberto Manguel reveals that words are dangerous creatures, with the ability to both hinder and help. A new study provides some of the first empirical evidence that island biodiversity really is different from that of the mainland. Does it matter who wins in November? Steven Mazie wonders. Cosmic Pessimism: Eugene Thacker, author of After Life, presents a series of aphorisms exploring pessimism's motility and its sessility (and more). Carnival to Commons: Claire Tancons on Pussy Riot Punk Protest and the exercise of democratic culture.