Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo (WSU): “Ricky Martin Ain’t No Dixie Chick”: Or, How We Can Learn a Few Things About Citizenship and Invisibility from Popular Culture. From Newsweek, Andrew Sullivan on a cover story on President Obama: The Democrats' Ronald Reagan. Jonathan Mahler on Oakland, the last refuge of Radical America. The greatest hits of weird science: Marc Abrahams on what the Oscars could learn from the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. An interview with Marc Abrahams, author of This is Improbable: Cheese String Theory, Magnetic Chickens, and Other WTF Research. Spin city: Anders Sandberg on why improving collective epistemology matters. Advanced Placement: Micah Uetricht on how the Chicago Teachers Union is poised to lead in the next school-reform fights. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, on how he was fooled by the war-makers. From Popular Science, Clay Dillow on how the first autonomous strike plane will land on aircraft carriers, navigate hostile airspace and change the future of flight. Does the Non-Aligned Movement still matter? Rene Wadlow wants to know. Jeffrey Richelson reviews The CIA's Greatest Covert Operation: Inside the Daring Mission to Recover a Nuclear-Armed Soviet Sub by David H. Sharp.