Stephanie Vieille (UWO): Transitional Justice: A Colonizing Field? From Liminalities, a special issue on “Blasphemies on Forever: Remembering Queer Futures” by Dustin Bradley Goltz. Paul Starr reviews The Unheavenly Chorus: Unequal Political Voice and the Broken Promise of American Democracy by Kay Lehman Schlozman, Sidney Verba, and Henry E. Brady, Oligarchy by Jeffrey A. Winters, and The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy by David Karpf. Jason Brennan on why we’re dumb at politics. We are now one year away from global riots, complex systems theorists say. A review of I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism by Charles R. Kesler. Aristotle Got It: Daniel Baird on the necessity of funding contemporary art, even if you don’t like it. From Newtopia, what’s with your paradise myth? New York’s last romantic gets his own magazine: Nathan Heller on the cranky wisdom of Peter Kaplan. Mark Jacobson on the land that time and money forgot: New York City’s housing projects are the last of their kind in the country — and they may be on their way to extinction.