From Ameriquests, a special issue on the legacies and futures of the humanities in North America and beyond. AC Grayling on higher humanities education in the 21st century. Saving our universities? New Humanist interviews AC Grayling on New College of the Humanities (and more). Curiosity knows no bounds: Policymakers focusing on science's utility have consigned the humanities to a supporting role, but scholars in each of the “two cultures” understand that they share a love of discovery and capacity for wonder, says Martin Willis. Ruth Hibbert reviews Creating Consilience: Integrating the Sciences and the Humanities, ed. Edward Slingerland and Mark Collard. From The Weekly Standard, who killed the liberal arts? Joseph Epstein wants to know (and a response and more). How liberal arts colleges are failing America: It's not easy to balance the advantages of a college degree with the deficiencies of a liberal arts education, but at schools like Babson College, entrepreneurship is a core part of the curriculum. Pop culture has turned against the liberal arts: Remember when action heroes could be archaeology professors?