Alexandra Glynn (NDSU): Will, Plato, Love, and Jew-Frenzy. From Foreign Policy, a special section: Who won the Great Recession?, with contributions by Tyler Cowen, Joshua Keating, Michael Lind, Kate Sheppard, and Slavoj Zizek, among others. From Swarthmore College Bulletin, Christopher Maier on the right kind of economist: In the shadow of the White House, Diana Furchtgott-Roth sings the gospel of the competitive marketplace; and Paul Wachter on how the pursuit of the truth preoccupies Hoover Institution scholar Peter Berkowitz. From Nerve, Alex Heigl on why liking Ayn Rand makes you a terrible lover — shockingly, it has little to do with trains. Is the Republican Party racist? How the racial attitudes of Southern voters bolster its chances. Peter Blair on why political rhetoric should not mention God. Cliffhangers: James Surowiecki on the fiscal-cliff absurdity. Why power corrupts: New research digs deeper into the social science behind why power brings out the best in some people and the worst in others. Who closed the American mind? Allan Bloom was brilliant, but wrong about Burke and multiculturalism.