Richard H. Pildes (NYU): Elections. D. Wendy Greene (Samford): Categorical Discrimination. Brazil's commitment to the rule of law is currently being tested in the Brazilian Supreme Court in what has been called Brazil’s “trial of the century”. An interview with Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former President of Brazil. From The Jury Room, Katherine James the witness the jury is going to hate. Jimmy Callaway on why John Candy appeared in so many awful, awful films. How science explains America’s great moral divide: Jonathan Haidt delves into the psychology of red state/blue state, and offers hope for reconciliation. Birgit Schippers reviews Politics and the Emotions: The Affective Turn in Contemporary Political Studies by Simon Thompson and Paul Hoggett. Factory Girls: John Seabrook on cultural technology and the making of K-pop. The Killer Crush: Rachel Monroe on the horror of teen girls, from Columbiners to Beliebers. Are political spam text messages legal? Michael E. Miller on Tony Galeota: From running Porky's, Miami's most notorious strip joint, to rotting in a Panamanian jail. Richard Booher reviews Max Stirner.