Federico Gobbo (Univaq): Alan Turing, Creator of Artificial Languages. The Education of Tony Marx: After a rough start, the president of the New York Public Library now faces the challenge of bringing the institution into the 21st century without losing the social cachet it gained in the 20th. From The Christian Post, a look at how Hookers for Jesus founder Annie Lobert turned away from sex trade to serving God; and can your pro-life bumper sticker actually get you in trouble? From digital sweatshop to perk palace: Jeff Bercovici on why Gawker's Nick Denton started spoiling his staff. Stories from Gawker Media have been banned in at least three major Reddit forums after the community discovered that the identity of one its most controversial users may be revealed in an upcoming Gawker profile. How to shut down Reddit's CreepShots once and for all: Name names. Time might just be the most restrained news organization in the world, having been, apparently for more than a year, in possession of a cache of photographs of vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan posing, clad in backwards baseball cap, with a set of weights.