Christopher Beauchamp (Brooklyn): Patenting Nature: A Problem of History. Paul Campos (Colorado): The Crisis of the American Law School. Steven J. Harper on law schools as profit centers. Abolish the law reviews: They're outdated, impractical, and slowly dying — it's time to put them to rest. The introduction to The Soldier and the Changing State: Building Democratic Armies in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas by Zoltan Barany. Jake Klau on the search for the origin of life. The measure of Romney’s mendacity is his allies’ new argument — not that Romney isn’t an outrageous liar; that ship has sailed — but that politicians should never, ever call each other on it when they’re being, well, liars; when they do so, they aren’t merely uncivil, they’re fascist. From Logos, Rich Meagher on founding principles; prudence or principle? Benjamin Barber on why he will vote for Obama and why he won’t blame you this year if you don’t; and Jeff Madrick on the reluctant vote. Michael Warner reviews Secularism in Antebellum Americaby John Lardas Modern. Christian Christensen on why opposing islamophobia is not a defense of extremism.