A new issue of nonsite.org is out. Samuel Moyn (Columbia): Did the Irish Save Civilization? The Secret History of Constitutional Dignity. From NYRB, can Islam be criticized? Malise Ruthven wonders. Brad Plumer on the case against patents. From e-flux, Bilal Khbeiz writes in praise of books: When authorities close a prison, they foil a revolution. To hell with you, Matt Groening: A tribute to Life in Hell, with comics by Alison Bechdel, Tom Tomorrow, and others. Welcome to the literary world: Gerry LaFemina on conferences, retreats, and hobnobbing with like minds. The late Eugene Genovese was a great historian — but his political example? Not so much, says Scott McLemee. Poop Therapy: David Tuller on more than you probably wanted to know about fecal transplants (and more). Why is the government afraid of this iPhone app? Two Navy SEALs are bringing world-class encryption to the iPhone, for everything from state secrets to celebrity selfies — but that means it can be used by criminals as well. The Great Deformer: Ronald Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman, takes a scalpel to Romney’s claims as a job creator.