From the Journal of International and Global Studies, Ronald Lukens-Bull, Amanda Pandich and John P. Woods (UNF): Islamization as Part of Globalization: Some Southeast Asian Examples; and Yoko Baba and Claudio G. Vera Sanchez (SJSU): Returning to the Homeland: The Migratory Patterns Between Brazil and Japan for Japanese-Brazilians. Phyllis Schlafly on how the notion that foreigners are better and brighter than Americans is nonsense. An interview with Samuel Walker, author of Presidents and Civil Liberties from Wilson to Obama: A Story of Poor Custodians. From The National Interest, Frank Klotz on the trouble at the ends of the Earth. An excerpt from The Least of All Possible Evils by Eyal Weizman. Henry Farrell on how Pinocchios are likely to be a pretty unreliable measure of anything except for obvious lies or truths. An excerpt from The Missing Ink: The Lost Art of Handwriting, and Why it Still Matters by Philip Hensher. Eric Gans on the confessions of a Bronx-French intellectual. Daniel Carl Ridge reviews Sodom on the Thames: Sex, Love and Scandal in Wilde Times by Morris B. Kaplan. Romney is attacked by his father's longtime aide Walter De Vries.