Ivan Krastev (IWM): European Disintegration? A Fraying Union. William Pfaff on the root of Europe’s problem. Bruce Robbins reviews The Crisis of the European Union by Jurgen Habermas (and more). What democratic Europe? Etienne Balibar responds to Jurgen Habermas. Jurgen Habermas comments on the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union (and more by Erik Voeten). Dani Rodrik on the truth about sovereignty: If European leaders want to maintain democracy, they must make a choice between political union and economic disintegration. George Soros on the tragedy of the European Union and how to resolve it. Daniela Schwarzer and Kai-Olaf Lang on the myth of German hegemony: Why Berlin can't save Europe alone. William A. Niskanen on alternative political and economic futures for Europe. What it means to belong in Europe: Amy Ludlow reviews European Identity and Culture: Narratives of Transnational Belonging. The Greeks aren't the only ones sick of the euro crisis — photographers are reaching the end of their tether too, struggling to shoot images of euro coins in various states of distress to illustrate the story.