Kevin L. Cope (Virginia): The Intermestic Constitution: Lessons from the World’s Newest Nation. From the New York Review of Books, a special issue on Election 2012. From Political Affairs, Sidney Gluck on the difference between capital and capitalism and the emergence of social capital. When geoengineering goes rogue: Russ George, a California businessman, has been seeding the Pacific Ocean with iron in order to trigger a 3,800-square-mile plankton bloom. From commonplace to controversial: Anna M. Peterson on the different histories of abortion in Europe and the United States. New discovery: An Earth-scale planet orbits Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our own. Amanda Marcotte on how the biggest difference between legal and illegal abortion is who controls abortion, and therefore who has power over women’s bodies and lives. Harriet Fitch Little reviews Merchant, Soldier, Sage: A New History of Power by David Priestland. What if the elderly just stopped paying their debt? Meet the world's first transhumanist politician: It's not necessarily a negative thing for us to become less human, says Giuseppe Vatinno.