Hassan H. Elkatawneh (Rockies): The Arab Minority in American Society: Stereotypes and Challenges. Andrew Aoki (Augsburg): The Future of Asian American Politics. Julianne Malveaux on the forgotten African-American education-reform movement of the ’60s and ’70s. From Notre Dame magazine, a special issue on the Irish Among Us, including Liam Farrell on how to be an Irish American is often to be haunted. The myth of the Latino vote: Why do Democrats expect Mexican Americans in Arizona to line up behind a Puerto Rican guy from Harlem? Perhaps no one sums up the native experience and debunks stereotypes more concisely or hilariously than the 1491s. George Yancy on why we need to name whiteness. Heath Brown interviews Wendy Roth, author of Race Migration: Latinos and the Cultural Transformation of Race. Noah Smith on the secret to U.S. growth in the 21st century: More Asians. Diversity spreads to all corners of the U.S.: The number of nearly all-white communities has plummeted since 1980. Bill Moyers interviews Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas on the rise of Hispanic America. Daniel DiSalvo on the Great Remigration: Blacks are abandoning the northern cities that failed them. Amber Frost on white consciousness, hurt feelings, and farting.