Adam C. Pritchard (Michigan): Facebook, The JOBS Act, and Abolishing IPOs. Polly J. Price (Emory): Stateless in the United States: Current Reality and a Future Prediction. Royal wedding gives Luxembourg turn in spotlight: Prince Guillaume will marry Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lanno. Reality Checkmate: Americans now have “reality” shows on every topic you can imagine except reality itself — it’s the one thing Americans won’t face. According to 101 Facts About Satanism in America, you're probably a Satanist already. How not to choose a president: It is easy to think of any competitive situation as a sporting event, but presidential debates are perhaps the best example of the sports analogy gone wrong. From Playboy, say good-bye to your sex life if things go south in November. The new anti-Semitism: Was the Holocaust a unique genocide? Depending upon your response, you might qualify as a new anti-Semite. Josh Tyrangiel is editor of the year: Bloomberg Businessweek leader revives flatliner with provocative covers, smart packaging and irreverent storytelling. You can always tell a RCP/LM follower from their attitude and vocabulary.