From M/C Journal, a special issue on lists, including Ben Highmore (Sussex): Listlessness in the Archive; Darren John Tofts (Swinburne): Why Writers Hate the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Lists, Entropy and the Sense of Unending; and Tom McInnes Lee (UWS): The Lists of W. G. Sebald. From Wired, the decades that invented the future: A series in inventors and inventions. Michael Greenberg on the problem of the New York police. From Cato Unbound, from state to society: Sheldon Richman on how and how not to privatize. Work more, make more? Charles Kenny on the case against long hours. David Ropeik on how the media put us at risk with the way they report about risk. Science confirms the obvious: Rejection can make you more creative. A year ago, nobody knew Jeremy Lin from the Harvard kid in the next cubicle — but now, with a new NBA season about to start, it's proving time: can this soft-spoken boy wonder lead a franchise of his own? Sergey Alferov on Scottish dancing and patterns of gender identity. Piero Scaruffi on the biggest problem of all: The end of the world is coming. Darren A. Wheeler reviews The Politics of Torture by Tracy Lightcap.