A new issue of Scottish Review of Books is out. Prime Minister David Cameron and Alex Salmond, the Scottish first minister, formally agree to the terms for a referendum on independence for Scotland. The Battle for Britain: Will David Cameron be the prime minister who lost the United Kingdom as we know it? From BBC News, Andrew Black on the Scottish independence referendum and on twelve unresolved questions on Scottish independence. From The Guardian, here is the essential guide to Scottish independence. Indyref tactical voting: there are really five distinct results from this coming referendum, with five distinct outcomes. The UK has become one of the most unfair and unequal societies in the developed world, says Blair Jenkins, Chief Executive of Yes Scotland. With a single yes-no question on independence and a YesScotland campaign opening its doors to all, here’s a new situation. Charles King on how the push for Scottish independence sends a dangerous “go it alone” message. A Unionist lexicon: Paul T Kavanagh on an A-Z of Unionist scare stories, myths and misinformation. Just what credit rating would Scotland have if were to become independent?