A special alcohol consumption issue of the Annals of Improbable Research is now online. "We always hoped our daughter would not marry outside of our race": Diane Farr on confronting racism in surprising places. Angela Cirucci interviews Terence P. Moran, author of Introduction to The History of Communication: Evolutions and Revolutions. If massacres like Cromwell's avert suffering, perhaps they can be justified. Clelia Delbarre, Erdal Kaynar, and Marc Aymes review Ataturk: An Intellectual Biography by M. Sukru Hanioglu. Four decades after break-in, Watergate investigator James Hamilton talks about his role. Steven Levitt says that he has a “good indicator” that Aaron Edlin, Noah Kaplan, Nate Silver, and Andrew Gelman are “not so smart”. No habla espanol: Ruth Samuelson on how the new Latino media universe is young, political, and all-American. An excerpt from The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies by David Thomson. How history shaped Barack Obama’s view of national identity: Robin Lindley interviews Ian Reifowitz, author of Obama’s America: A Transformative Vision of our National Identity (and more).