John H. Morgan (GTF): The Personal Meaning of Social Values in the Work of Abraham Maslow. Jack El-Hai on Joseph Jastrow, America’s first pop psychologist. Michael Barker interviews Kees Van Der Pijl on foundations of social change. From Liberty, Andrew Ferguson on the Intelligent Person's Guide to Presidential Politics. Mission accomplished for Big Oil: Greg Muttitt on how an American disaster paved the way for Big Oil’s rise — and possible fall — in Iraq. The problem with hook up culture, then, is not that people are friends with benefits — it’s that they’re not. Felix Salmon says CEOs’ deficit manifesto is “gross self-interest masquerading as public statesmanship”. A mapmaker takes on the world: Connie Brown's personalized maps are celebratory "portraits" painstakingly plotted on canvas. When Aaron Blaisdell is not organizing the biggest event in the Paleosphere, he can be found at UCLA where he applies his background in Biological Anthropology and Behavioral Neuroscience to study the relationship between associative and cognitive processes in animal models. Frederick Clarkson on Rev. Samuel Rodriguez: Not so moderate.