Pat Oglesby (CNR): Gangs, Ganjapreneurs, or Government: Marijuana Revenue Up for Grabs. From the forthcoming book The Health Care Case: The Supreme Court's Decision and Its Implications, Neil Siegel (Duke): More Law than Politics: The Chief, The “Mandate”, Legality, and Statesmanship. From The Atlantic Monthly, a special issue on Brave Thinkers 2012. From Radical Philosophy, what is Pussy Riot’s “idea”? Maria Chehonadskih wonders. Monopoly is theft: Christopher Ketcham on the antimonopolist history of the world’s most popular board game. Who is the real Mario Vargas Llosa? David T. Rowlands deplores his politics, yet cannot help admiring his fiction. When taxes are high, raising them hurts — when they’re low, not so much. Will Ohio State’s football team decide who wins the White House? Tyler Cowen and Kevin Grier on how politically irrelevant events — like a college football game — can determine who wins an election. The Singularity is a progressive apocalypse: Nikola Danaylov interviews Cory Doctorow. Todd Harrison on why it’s a myth that market competition drives down weapons cost.