Edward (Ted) A. Parson (UCLA) and Lia N. Ernst (Michigan): International Governance of Climate Engineering. Rene Lefeber (Amsterdam): Polar Warming: An Opportune Inconvenience. 50 months to avoid climate disaster and a change is in the air: At the halfway point to a climate gamble, 50 contributor ideas give just a taste of the creativity and innovation available to us. An interview with Katharine Wilkinson, author of Between God and Green: How Evangelicals Are Cultivating a Middle Ground on Climate Change. Why aren't politicians listening to Joe Romm about climate change? From Frontline, a look at how Al Gore galvanized the climate change movement — on both sides. Will a fishy geoengineering experiment raise the stakes of global environmental law? It may have taken someone dumping iron into the ocean to make the world take notice. Amelia Sharman reviews Climate Change and Society by John Urry. Is U.S. climate policy better off without cap-and-trade? Yes, Hurricane Sandy is a good reason to worry about climate change. Christian Williams on the silver lining of the Anthropocene.