Scott Beyer (Wisconsin), Luis Garcia-Feijoo (FAU), Gerald R. Jensen (HIU), and Robert R. Johnson (CFA): What to Expect When You're Electing. From ProPublica, Lois Beckett on how companies have assembled political profiles for millions of Internet users. Can we trust voting machines? Trade-secret law makes it impossible to independently verify that the devices are working properly. Mike Orcutt on the states with the riskiest voting technology. Six fixes for American democracy: Voter suppression, endless fundraising, dysfunctional debates — the need for reform has never been stronger. If ballots were bullets: If Americans cared as much about their voting rights as their gun rights, they'd be up in arms right now. Simon Liem on the democratic argument for compulsory voting. If you don’t vote, you’re a loser: There is no single issue more frustrating to the cause of progress than the relative struggle the left has organizing voters and getting them to the polls. If you succumb to cynicism, the regressives win it all. Mat Staver: “I’m not an alarmist” but this election will “literally” determine the “survival of Western civilization”.