Nele Noesselt (DUI): Is There a “Chinese School” of IR? From the inaugural issue of Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics, a special section on Conversations in International Relations, including Felix Grenier (Ottawa): Conversations in and on IR: Labeling, Framing and Delimiting IR Discipline; and Philippe Fournier (UQAM): Michel Foucault's Considerable Sway on International Relations Theory. From the Yale Journal of International Affairs, a special issue: “From the Ivory Tower to Washington: What can IR scholarship teach us about policy-making?”, including Robert Jervis on psychology and security; Stephen Walt on theory and policy in international relations; Francis Gavin on international affairs of the heart; John Owen on the ideas-power nexus; Marc Trachtenberg on how history teaches; and an interview with Alexander Evans on bridging the gap between policy-making and academia. Mika Luoma-aho on his book God and International Relations: Christian Theology and World Politics. From FPRI, Walter A. McDougall on nightmares of an I.R. professor. Is modern media — the Internet, YouTube, Twitter, and all that other stuff — making realism obsolete? Stephen Walt wonders.