Simon Luechinger and Christoph Moser (KOF): The Value of the Revolving Door: Political Appointees and the Stock Market. Susan Marks (LSE): Four Human Rights Myths. Kieran Oberman (UCD): Immigration as a Human Right; and Can Brain Drain Justify Immigration Restrictions? The prospects for labor law reform may seem laughably remote — all the more reason to rethink strategy now, before the next chance; after 60 years of law tilted toward employers, it’s time to make labor organizing a civil right. Who’s the greatest Jewish athlete? An interview with Franklin Foer about Jewish jocks, and how they changed sports history. Molly Redden on how the “fiscal cliff” is Wall Street’s chance to court Democrats again (and more by Jonathan Cohn). By popular demand: James Fallows on one last immersion in the world of the Atlas Shrugged guy. From the Brennan Center for Justice, Keesha Gaskins and Sundeep Iyer on why we need redistricting reform; and Lawrence Norden on simple solutions to fix voting machines. Hunting number 113: The periodic table of the elements just got a new member; at least, maybe it did — it’s hard to tell.