From Poroi, a special issue on Future Tense: Iowa looks ahead to the next four years. Alan Haworth on Obama’s debt to Rawls: Anyone who doubts the ability of philosophy to influence “real world” politics should study the text of Obama’s victory address. Michael Scherer goes inside the secret world of the data crunchers who helped Obama win. Forget Nate Silver: Meet Ruy Teixeira, the guy who called 2012 in 2002 (and more). An interview with Victoria Bassetti, author of Electoral Dysfunction: A Survival Manual for American Voters. Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez and Tom Ginsburg on five voting systems even worse than the Electoral College. You're not moving to Canada: Adam Alter on the psychology of post-election melodrama. The Five Nations of American Politics: Joel Kotkin on why it's all about Ohio. For a guy who made his fortune from gambling, Sheldon Adelson sure is a lousy better. David Weigel on how the "Super PACS wasted a lot of money on stupid crap" is becoming a popular election wrap-up theme. Dean Baker on why climate change, not the national debt, is the legacy we should care about. Forget about 2012: The race for the White House in 2016 has already begun.