From Words Without Borders, a special issue on Banned Chinese Writers. From China Left Review, a special issue on Democracy: Critiques and prospects. Rogier Creemers (Oxford): Neo-Liberal Leninism with Chinese Characteristics: China's Complicated Media Governance. Kevin K.S. Tso (Hong Kong): Fundamental Political and Constitutional Norms: Hong Kong and Macau Compared. Are Chinese societies more susceptible or inclined to corruption? Patrick Kim Cheng Low investigates. Inconvenient Truths: Hannibal Rhoades on de-bunking China’s plan to settle nomadic populations. George Walden reviews Tombstone: The Untold Story of Mao's Famine by Yang Jisheng. Cyril Pereira on the dangers of patriotic education: Hong Kong is right to be cautious, as events have shown in China. Waiting for the great eighteenth: On the eve of China’s eighteenth party congress, life in Beijing is changing in increasingly obvious ways. China has hipsters, too: A study of the country's "cultured youth". Hong Kong loves weird English names — they're becoming more common, and they're not getting any less odd. Carrie Gracie on Kublai Khan, China's favourite barbarian.