A new issue of Common Ground is out. Neil Gershenfeld (MIT): How to Make Almost Anything: The Digital Fabrication Revolution. The challenges of a Darwinian approach to psychological disorders: Martin L. Lalumiere reviews Maladapting Minds: Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Evolutionary Theory. Michael Lind on the case against a “grand bargain”: A deal that cuts entitlements would be bad for mainstream Americans — and besides, what's the rush? A new form of western deviance: William Skidelsky reviews You Aren’t What You Eat: Fed Up With Gastroculture by Steven Poole. Garson Romalis on why he is an abortion doctor. Insert coins to continue: Can a video game company, a Greek economist, and the largest barter market in history stop the recession — and save capitalism? Jernej Amon Prodnik reviews Towards a Critical Theory of Surveillance in Informational Capitalism by Thomas Allmer. Do people really walk in circles when they’re lost? Matt Soniak investigates. Open seas: James Holmes on how the Arctic is the Mediterranean of the 21st century. An interview with Mark Kingwell, author of Unruly Voices: Essays on Democracy, Civility and the Human Imagination.