A new issue of The Washington Diplomat is out. From The Hedgehog Review, Benjamin H. Snyder (Virginia): Dignity and the Professionalized Body: Truck Driving in the Age of Instant Gratification; and a conversation between Mike Rose and Matthew Crawford on work and dignity. No conspiracy theory: Andrew Gavin Marshall on how a small group of companies have enormous power over the world. Pamela Haag on the most untrue cliches. Chris Lehmann on Weak Teavangelicals: Despite great efforts, Billy Graham and his flock failed to pull out a Romney win — is the “values voter” era over? "Red Dawn" Rising: As political map goes blue, the right wing’s favorite flick makes a comeback. For the first time, the United Nations has said that access to family planning should be a human right. The goal of the Checklist of Rationality Habits is not to assess how "rational" you are, but, rather, to develop a personal shopping list of habits to consider developing. The man who inspired the Occupy movement: For more than 20 years, Adbusters magazine has been visually subverting capitalism — founder and editor Kalle Lasn outlines his radical new manifesto.