From Swans, a special issue on the New Age. Rationalizing dishonesty: An interview with Daniel Ariely. Helena Barbagelata Simoes reviews Melancholy and the Otherness of God: A Study of the Hermeneutics of Depression by Alina N. Feld. The Awakening: J.M. Berger on why white nationalists are thrilled with Obama's victory. David Attenborough may have lived the perfect life, travelling the world and seeing its wonders before tourism ravaged them. Slavoj Zizek on why Obama is more than Bush with a human face: His reforms have already touched a nerve at the core of the US ideological edifice. Life in the kitchen may be easier thanks to our love of scientific progress, but at what cost? Although on opposite sides of the planet, Chileans have the same problems that you face in United States: psychics, astrologers, conspiracy theorists, doomsayers, alternative medicine "therapists,” fundamentalist preachers, creationists, and a host of charlatans who prey on the ignorance of people in the streets. Martin W. Lewis on ideological agendas and Indo-European origins: Master race, bloodthirsty Kurgans, or proto-hippies? Romney blames loss on Obama's “gifts” to minorities and young voters.