From Humanitas, Bruce P. Frohnen (Ohio Northern): Lawless America: What Happened to the Rule of Law; and Michael P. Federici (Mercyhurst): More Than “Parchment Barriers”: The Ethical Center of American Constitutionalism. When economists talk economics, some of them talk rubbish — few mean it as plainly, as directly, as Alexi Savov. From h+, author “Singularity Utopia” on Simulated Universe Nonsense (The Penguin Argument). Matthew Feeney reviews How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed by Ray Kurzweil. Trapped by European-style socialism and I love it: Maybe working moms can have it all — in France. From boom to bust: Andrew Lawrence takes a look at prelapsarian Lance Armstrong and his long, hard fall from grace. Now’s the time to fix the filibuster: The stars are aligning for filibuster reform and changing the Senate's stupidest rules. The next panic: Europe’s crisis will be followed by a more devastating downturn, likely beginning in Japan. You may think you know everything about everything, but The Onion Book of Known Knowledge would beg to differ.