Andrew Wilkins (Roehampton): Pedagogy of the Consumer: The Politics of Neo-liberal Welfare Reform. Matthew Charles on the ongoing attack on mass education in England. An interview with Peter Hitchens, author of The War We Never Fought: The British Establishment's Surrender to Drugs. From Standpoint, Ed Miliband sees himself as the heir to Disraeli — not only is he nothing of the sort, but he doesn't appear to have read the One Nation Tory's best-known speech; and with the possible exception of Iain Duncan Smith Owen Paterson is the only senior British Tory who could easily win election if he stood on a Republican ticket in America. Catherine Mayer on how British Conservatives are not very conservative by U.S. standards. Anne Applebaum on what British Conservatives can teach the GOP. Alan Hughes will be celebrating the death of Thatcher. The outing of a Right-wing rocker: Daniel J. Flynn on how the Olympics' opening night star Frank Turner becomes, overnight, a class enemy. Anders Aslund on a Swedish lesson for Ed Balls. A century after his birth, the self-described “Tory anarchist” John Enoch Powell is still capable of arousing devotion or detestation. Jon Cruddas reviews Bloody Nasty People: the Rise of Britain’s Far Right by Daniel Trilling (and more).