Primavera De Filippi (CERSA/CNRS) and Smari McCarthy (IMMI): Cloud Computing: Centralization and Data Sovereignty. Boldizsar Bencsath, Gabor Pek, Levente Buttyan, and Mark Felegyhazi (BME): The Cousins of Stuxnet: Duqu, Flame, and Gauss. From Wired, are data centers the new global landfill? Ron Bianchini investigates. Dexter Johnson on nanotechnology as socio-political project. Can nanotechnology create utopia? There are some big ideas in the philosophy of technology that are very helpful in understanding what's going on in the world of machines today — one of those ideas is a concept known as "technological momentum". From Technology Review, Jason Pontin on why we can't solve big problems. From TPM, Carl Franzen on the new cartographers: OpenStreetMap’s world takeover, why OpenStreetMap worries tech companies, and on “Mappy Hour”, sex clubs and diversity. Chris Vaughan reviews iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold on Us by Larry D. Rosen. Why we need new rights to privacy: Because of technological advances, we must spell out what used to be taken for granted.