Julia M. Puaschunder (Harvard): Ethical and Socially Responsible Investment. Barbara P. Billauer (IWP): Le Corbusier, the Occult and How Art Deco Began. The books that inspired Lee Badgett: “Robert Heilbroner’s book convinced me that the roots of inequality and of efforts toward change were to be found in economics as much as politics”. From Metropolis, Laurie Olin and Avinash Rajagopal on the trouble with Washington: The noted landscape architect dissects how clumsy, ill-considered security measures have impacted our nation’s once majestic capital; and International Style: Thomas de Monchaux on the rise and fall (and perhaps, rise again) of U.S. embassy architecture. From The Chronicle, who's afraid of black sexuality? Scholars are starting to break taboos to study intimacy, homosexuality, incest, porn, and other delicate matters; and black dandies fashion new academic identities: Three professors talk about why they wear what they wear. How did the GOP become so unreasonable on the issue? Here's a hint — Grover Norquist had nothing to do with it. Could a carbon tax help solve Washington’s revenue problems?