A new issue of Africa Spectrum is out. Samuel Andreas Admasie (Leiden): The Bourgeois Revolution of Ethiopia. Jeremy Prestholdt (UCSD): Africa and the Global Lives of Things. With hundreds of tribes and languages, slang English known as “Naija” is becoming the glue of Nigeria. The Throne of Zion: Emily Raboteau on the vision of the immaculate present that’s for sale at Sao Jorge da Mina, Ghana’s most notorious slave castle. The man who brought the black flag to Timbuktu: Islamist strongman Iyad Ag Ghali has taken the stage in North Africa — his rising power is giving him a lot of bad ideas. Somalia edges towards peace, with football part of the endgame. Outrageous freedom: In the face of deep prejudice and persecution, the Ugandan gay rights movement has crafted a surprising victory. Raiders of the Congo: James Bamford retraces the strange odyssey of Tjostolv "Mike" Moland and Joshua French and discovers that more than one hundred years after Heart of Darkness, some things never change. One of the greatest humanitarian crises since WWII: Five million people have died since 1998 — why is the media so silent on the long-standing conflict in Congo? Self Service: "Saving Africa" to achieve personal growth is not the way to see the world.