A new issue of Resurgence is out. Daniel Sebastian Wigmore-Shepherd (Durham): Ethnic Identity, Political Identity and Ethnic Conflict: Simulating the Effect of Congruence Between the Two Identities on Ethnic Violence and Conflict. A. Yusuf Yuksek (Bogazici): A Study on Coffeehouses in the Late Ottoman Empire. From New York, combine equal parts Oprah and Martha: The new domestic ideal owes more than a little to the fading moguls; and in buying the venerable, century-old New Republic, Chris Hughes is out to prove that a 29-year-old worth $600 million is just the man to make the “life of the mind” scalable. Not guilty: Grace O’Connell on why we should never feel bad about what we read. A look at how the tax burden for most Americans is lower than in the 1980s. Analogies to Nazi Germany come cheap — but not insights into a movement that's still waiting for its chance; Scott McLemee looks at Fascism, a new journal. Gabriel Santos-Neves interviews Mark Kingwell, author of Unruly Voices: Essays On Democracy, Civility and the Human Imagination. Efforts to close the notorious “Poo Pond” at Kandahar Airfield have hit a snag, and that means the soonest it will be shut down is mid-2013.