A new issue of Academe is out, including Thomas P. Miller on the academy as a public works project; and Marc Bousquet on how we are all Roman porn stars now: Are we fighting the good fight through our service or just creating a spectacle of superexploitation? The university as welfare state: Paula Marantz Cohen on why you should want kooks teaching your kids. Beyond Orientalism? Rommel A. Curaming on another look at Orientalism in Indonesian and Philippine Studies. Do you need a university job to call yourself an academic? Wanda Wyporska describes research after academia. Caroline Walker Bynum on gender, generations, and faculty conflict: Will academe's mothers and daughters repeat the errors of its fathers and sons? Rodolfo Acuna on the vindication of Mexican-American Studies. Gram Slattery on the war on the humanities: If you plan to major in philosophy, the American government will stop at nothing to prevent you. Open access: Alexander Brown on why academic publishers still add value. Beyond JSTOR: Todd Cronan on nonsite.org as digital publisher. From Dummies.com, a look at how Wikipedia helps you to study college subjects; and Laura Larimer and Abshier House on ten things you should do the night before a test.