A new issue of Quest: Issues in Contemporary Jewish History is out. J.C. Lee (URI): Contemporary US-American Satire and Consumerism (Crews, Coupland, Palahniuk). From TLS, beyond the limits of the possible: A review essay on Jules Verne by Peter Cogman. Can motivational office art ever actually work? Lydia DePillis investigates. The Arctic Yearbook is intended to be the preeminent repository of critical analysis on the Arctic region, with a mandate to inform observers about the state of Arctic geopolitics and security. Names hold culture and history; they defend or surrender their bearer to the prejudices of the world — so what does it mean when your name doesn’t mean anything? The fabric of a generation: Claudia McNeilly on how she feels like she could be having more fun right now — #whitegirlproblems. Kyle Hill on the death of “near death”: Even if heaven is real, you aren’t seeing it. Why get done today what you can put off until tomorrow? Anyone who knows that feeling is an honorary citizen of this virtual country: Procrasti-Nation. An excerpt from The Secret Financial Life of Food: From Commodities Markets to Supermarkets by Kara Newman.